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The Huma-Air tuning regulator will regulate the airpressure in your S200 airgun. It reduces the primary high fill pressure in the cylinder into a lower pre-set working pressure. This will give you a constant pelletspeed and a higher accuracy. The design volume is based on the 16 Joule version but it can been set higher if preffered.

Note: No returns will be excepted on this item as it is factory set and tampering will void the warranty

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The installation of the regulator is very simple. The regulator is placed inside the pressure tube of the rifle and you are ready.

It is vented to the atmosphere, without the need of a breath hole in the cylinder, so no creeping up in power during time.


The benefits of the Huma-Air regulator for your Air Arms S200:

  1. Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pellet speed fluctuations
  2. A constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
  3. It will give you a better shot count and a full flat shot string immediately.
  4. Adding a regulator to your air rifle will probably give you the biggest benefit in the tuning process.
  5. Often the rifle will make less noise due to better balance in air usage