Hard hitting hunting pellets .177 domed 16.1 Grain


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Hard Hitting Hunting Pellets, Samyang Domed 16.1 Grain.Calibre 4.5MM

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  • 177 caliber
  • 16.1 grains*
  • Domed
  • 220 per tin
  • Use only with powerful precharged pneumatic airguns such as AirForce Condor, Evanix, Sumatra, Sam Yang and Shinsung

The tin lid states the pellets weigh 1.6 grains. This is a typo. They actually weigh 16.1 grains.Eun Jin 16.1-grain .177-caliber pellets are a hefty load recommended only for very powerful precharged pneumatic guns. Do not use them in spring guns, multi-pump pneumatics, CO2 guns or single-stroke pneumatics (you’ll get very poor accuracy if you do). Please note the guns listed in the above bulleted list and use these pellets for those powerful PCP rifles and other PCPs with similar power levels.