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The ideal chronograph for all projectile speeds ..
This is a High Quality Product, comes with a metal frame with very accurate sensors, works with normal batteries of 1.5 Volts

The R2H ballistic chronograph model is indicated for firearms (rifles and pistols), pneumatic weapons (rifles and pistols) and bows.

* Calculates and displays bullet energy
* Operates both indoors and outdoors without any extra light source
* Tripod not included

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Velocity: Up to 6500 feet per second.

Measurement error: < = 1% @ 1000 m/sec.

Power consumption: 100 mAmps

Power supply: 2AA (alkaline or recahrgable battery)

Dimensions: (hxwxd) 260x105x100 mm

Weight: 995 gr.

PC INTERFACE – Download your data to your PC to view

Displays rate of fire (rounds per minute and rounds per second)